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The future depends onwhat you do in the present.
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Life is harder than expected at times. Transitions, loss, relationships, adjustment after divorce, children struggling or acting out, persistent anxiety or a feeling that things will never change are just a few examples of the ways in which people can feel stuck, lost, or less hopeful about their lives.

I believe each person working through the process in therapy has a better chance to reach their potential, and have a life they can enjoy.  Pursuing these goals with my clients is a worthwhile journey that I feel privileged to accompany.

My practice includes adults, adolescents and children.  Although the journey with an adult is different from the developmental challenges of a child, the common theme through the work in therapy is helping the individual work through issues to lead a whole and fulfilling life. (Click on the Children & Adolescents tab to learn more.)

My therapeutic style is interactive and compassionate, and I want to discuss how your experiences, emotional reactions and perceptions have affected your life. Together, we will better understand how your past affects the way you view yourself and others (including your children), the choices you make, and explore new options to improve your life.

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